Sunday, December 31, 2006

Happy Anniversary!

Today is our own Sgt Dubs anniversary, 15 years today. Wow, that's a long time. So, happy anniversary mom and dad, and my best wishes come of it.

~Miss Dub

P.S. More to come tomorrow about today.

Saturday, December 30, 2006

Hello Everyone!

(12/30/06) Hi...again. (Coughs uneasily) Well, um...Due to a password malfunction I have to make a new blog. So, um, yeah...Anyway! It is one minute till midnight and I'm wide awake, I have to get up in the morning to go to church, but lack of sleep doesn't seem to effect me. I don't know why...OK, it's officially midnight!

So, good morning! How is everybody today? ;} I will always put smileys on here, they make me happy! So, yesterday me and Mrs.Dub (she will be known as Mom; got it?) went to pick up our costumes for the New Years Eve Gala at our new History Museum. It's a 1907 costume ball. Diner is served at 10:00 (pm), and there will be a champagne toast at 12:00. My dress is a pale, baby blue satin type fabric with a matching cover made of lace that has little flowers on it. It has a square cut collar that dips just below my collar bone. There's also a lace mad rose on the back. Maybe I'll take pictures. The good part (besides everything else) is that I get to do my hair all fancy and my Papa can't complain! ;-p

It was so funny, when my mom was on her trip with her friends my best-est friend Shea-Shea, (a.k.a. Rolos) had been feeding our horses for us and we drove down there to give her her money for it. So, my mom gave me the money and I walked over to the glass see-through door and knocked. She starts walking over and as soon as she looks up and sees my she totally flips! She started streaming and laughing at the same time. She hadn't seen me in the door nook.

I held the money outside the door and she moved her hand to grab it, but kept it at her side. I said to her "You want your payment?" and she nodded her head in a total dunce-like manner and choked out a measly, "uh-huh". I sarcastically replied to that with, "Then you'd better quit screeching in my ear." I gave her the money and we chatted for a few minutes. Her mom had come in running cause she screamed, we all had a good laugh over it though.

So, it's now 12:16 and I'd better get to bed, I might start rambling...

So, have a safe New Years and watch the parade for the 1st 2 floats, they are filled with Oklahoma pride and joy! Go Pokes!

~Luv y'all lots, Miss Dub